America’s Test Kitchen is Hiring for Digital Asset Management!

Most readers already know my "day job" is with America's Test Kitchen. I'm excited to announce we're hiring a DAM specialist. Check out the full posting here, spread the word, and apply!


America’s Test Kitchen is seeking a Digital Asset Management Specialist to join the Production Department. Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Cross Media Publishing are two core and growing areas of this fast paced interdisciplinary department. The Digital Asset Management Specialist will report to the Manager of Workflow & Digital Asset Management and assist in the day-to-day operations supporting DAM and related initiatives. Continue reading

Summer Intern? Why, yes I’d like one!

On my “Things to get for Sum­mer list” I’ve got…

  1. Flip-flops
  2. Sun­block
  3. Swim­suit
  4. A DAM intern

Here’s a handy “how-to” type arti­cle from the Har­vard Busi­ness Review on get­ting ready for your shiny new sum­mer intern.

…beware of the well-meaning twenty-year-old who lands in your lap with­out any direc­tion or guidance.


To Delete $Sources Categories or Not Delete $Sources Categories

To Delete $Sources Categories or Not To Delete $Sources Categories?, that is the question. Specifically, should the ability to restrict or implicitly allow an action be hard-coded into the DAM client? Or should that fall to the realm of the permission framework in the DAM system? Recently, I think Canto overstepped a bit by trying to answer that for everybody. Back when Cumulus 8.5.1 came out there was a "bug" in the Desktop Client that prevented all users except for the Cumulus SuperUser to delete or rearrange/reorder $Sources Categories.

A $Sources Category, FYI, is more involved than simply being under the $Sources Category Tree. There are three distinct types of Source categories. Directory Category Mac, Directory Category Windows and URL Directory Category. Continue reading

DAMageTIP: Remote Deploy Cumulus Desktop Client on Mac OS X

I mostly deal with Mac OS X at my "day job", so I'm a bit platform biased. But I can tell you, as a Cumulus Systems Administrator one of the single most frustrating things to do is a large-scale Desktop Client installation or upgrade. Why is that, you may ask? Well to be perfectly blunt, the InstallAnywhere installer is a piece of garbage; yet another product of misguided cross-platform mediocrity. (OK, that may have been a bit harsh. But, this is my blog and my rules. So there.) Fear not, there is a solution.

Here's why I'm so down on the installer Canto chose. The OS X version is incapable of being deployed to multiple computers remotely. Since I work at a Macintosh centric publishing house, that's pretty much a deal breaker for me. Until I decided to take matters into my own hands. The following details my adventures in creating an Apple Installer Package to be used with Apple Remote Desktop for remote deployment of Cumulus Desktop Client.

Continue reading

Bug or Feature? you decide…

Somewhere between Cumulus 8.5.2 and 8.6.1, Canto made a change to the way User Live Filtering works in the Native (Desktop) Client. At my "day-job" as a DAM admin, I put in an inquiry with Canto to see if this new behavior was really the intended one or if it was a bug. They had asked if it was possible for me to screen cast the differences between the features functionality in the two client versions.  Continue reading

DAM user Meetup… in Boston?

Call­ing all DAM users, admins, etc… Is there any inter­est in orga­niz­ing a Meetup group? There are active groups in NYC, Chicago, and LA. I fig­ure we have enough DAM users here in Bean Town to get a group together. 

Com­ment below or send me a mes­sage. I think it could be fun both a net­work­ing and social perspective! 

Pro tip: check your client groups!

Here's a pro tip for you. When upgrading to a new dot release of Cumulus (8.5.x to 8.6.x in my case). Check your client groups restrictions you've previously setup and include the new version!! It will save you lots of headaches. 
I literally spent hours trying to figure out why several groups of users couldn't log into my Cumulus Server. Then it dawned on me. I had previously setup client groups to allow various catalogs to only use WebClient or Sites. I feel kinda silly.

I bet you didn’t know you use DAM

When­ever I start a new-user train­ing I ask the user, “Have you ever used a DAM before?” The usual answer is, “No”. Then I fol­low up with, “Do you know what ‘DAM’ is?” again the answer is usu­ally, “No”. This is all to be expected.  Con­tinue read­ing