To Delete $Sources Categories or Not Delete $Sources Categories

To Delete $Sources Categories or Not To Delete $Sources Categories?, that is the question. Specifically, should the ability to restrict or implicitly allow an action be hard-coded into the DAM client? Or should that fall to the realm of the permission framework in the DAM system? Recently, I think Canto overstepped a bit by trying to answer that for everybody. Back when Cumulus 8.5.1 came out there was a "bug" in the Desktop Client that prevented all users except for the Cumulus SuperUser to delete or rearrange/reorder $Sources Categories.

A $Sources Category, FYI, is more involved than simply being under the $Sources Category Tree. There are three distinct types of Source categories. Directory Category Mac, Directory Category Windows and URL Directory Category. Continue reading

DAMageTIP: Quickly Copy Full Category Path

A common scenario at work is that my team needs to direct users to specific parts of a a category hierarchy in Cumulus. The trouble is Cumulus doesn't readily display category information in a way that's conducive to a copy / pasting the full path of a given category. As a result my users and I usually end up writing it out by hand. (And that kinda kills my soul.) But there's a better way...

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