Finding Duplicates

I really, really want to find duplicate records/assets by some useful identifying information aside from less-than-helpful options Cumulus Desktop Client currently provides. I've never had good luck with File Data Size or Asset Creation Date. The first option in the Find Duplicates dialog box arguably holds the most unrealized promise but, like many features was myopic in conception and implementation. "Compare Names Using Field... [drop-down list of Record Name or Asset Name]".

Give the option of expanding that to include other fields or add an entirely new option to pick a filed to compare. The prime candidate would be "XMP Original Document ID"... or any of the XMP fields Cumulus Captures from the XMP Media Management Schema, for that matter... oh heck, IPTC Date Created too (as it also captures the time).

As I write this I'm resorting to several hacks to determine the duplicate assets one of my photographers placed into a cataloging hot folder. The asset are automatically renamed so I can't rely on the Record Name or Asset Name options.