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About Andrew Mannone

Andrew is a publishing technologist with a focus on Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Workflow. He's a Photoshop jockey, self-proclaimed geek, and politics junkie. He runs the site, DAMagedWorkflow, a blog about his adventures in DAM.

Boston DAM Users Meetup Group

Hey Boston DAM Users! A new Meetup Group has just been formed. Check out the Boston DAM Users Meetup group. There are lots of DAM practitioners around the city and state, and until today we lacked a way to come together. I thought it was time that changed. Now we have a resource to socialize, network, and learn from others local DAM practitioners.

Look for more information to come about our first meeting.


Free Agent

After a great eight years with America’s Test Kitchen I’m once again a Free Agent. It’s always a lit­tle sad to close a chap­ter in one’s life, but I can hon­estly say ATK was where I learned all that I know about DAM. And for that I’ll always be thank­ful for my time there. I got to build the DAM sys­tem from the ground up, made Pho­to­shop bend to my script­ing will an host of other amaz­ing things.

And so begins the next chap­ter. Armed with the skills I honed over eight years, I’m ready for what’s next and seek­ing out new oppor­tu­ni­ties. Stay tuned to this space.


America’s Test Kitchen is Hiring for Digital Asset Management!

Most readers already know my "day job" is with America's Test Kitchen. I'm excited to announce we're hiring a DAM specialist. Check out the full posting here, spread the word, and apply!


America’s Test Kitchen is seeking a Digital Asset Management Specialist to join the Production Department. Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Cross Media Publishing are two core and growing areas of this fast paced interdisciplinary department. The Digital Asset Management Specialist will report to the Manager of Workflow & Digital Asset Management and assist in the day-to-day operations supporting DAM and related initiatives. Continue reading

Summer Intern? Why, yes I’d like one!

On my “Things to get for Sum­mer list” I’ve got…

  1. Flip-flops
  2. Sun­block
  3. Swim­suit
  4. A DAM intern

Here’s a handy “how-to” type arti­cle from the Har­vard Busi­ness Review on get­ting ready for your shiny new sum­mer intern.

…beware of the well-meaning twenty-year-old who lands in your lap with­out any direc­tion or guidance.


Finding Duplicates

I really, really want to find duplicate records/assets by some useful identifying information aside from less-than-helpful options Cumulus Desktop Client currently provides. I've never had good luck with File Data Size or Asset Creation Date. The first option in the Find Duplicates dialog box arguably holds the most unrealized promise but, like many features was myopic in conception and implementation. "Compare Names Using Field... [drop-down list of Record Name or Asset Name]".

Give the option of expanding that to include other fields or add an entirely new option to pick a filed to compare. The prime candidate would be "XMP Original Document ID"... or any of the XMP fields Cumulus Captures from the XMP Media Management Schema, for that matter... oh heck, IPTC Date Created too (as it also captures the time).

As I write this I'm resorting to several hacks to determine the duplicate assets one of my photographers placed into a cataloging hot folder. The asset are automatically renamed so I can't rely on the Record Name or Asset Name options.

Check out what’s new in Picturepark 8.4

There's a youtube video showcasing a bit of the hottness in Picturepark's latest release, 8.4. Go ahead and give it a watch.