Cumulus 8.6.0 for Mac OS X adds launchd support (finally)

Canto has apparently gotten the message: Apple wants developers to stop using things like cron and "StartupItems" and instead use launchd. A message they've been trying to get though developer's heads since Mac OS X Tiger (10.4) came out. This is a huge and welcomed change to manage the startup and shutdown of the various Cumulus system components on Mac OS X.

It looks like we've got the following plist files now:

Plist Cumulus Component
com.canto.cumulus.cumulusd.plist Cumulus Server
com.canto.cumulus.cumulusrad.plist Cumulus Remote Administration
com.canto.cumulus.scheduler.plist Cumulus Scheduler
com.canto.cumulus.websolutions.plist Stand-alone Tomcat for WebSolutions

If you want a good run-down on what you can do with launchd, take a look at Nathan Grigg's blog post on launchd. Apple maintains the ever-so-dry man page for it online as well.

Sure, you can still start your server with the shell script but now you can schedule start, stop, or even configure Cumulus Server to auto-restart if it crashes (cause it never crashes).

The basic command line syntax is something like this: 

launchctl start com.canto.cumulus.cumulusd.plist

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