DAMageTIP: Quickly Copy Full Category Path

A common scenario at work is that my team needs to direct users to specific parts of a a category hierarchy in Cumulus. The trouble is Cumulus doesn't readily display category information in a way that's conducive to a copy / pasting the full path of a given category. As a result my users and I usually end up writing it out by hand. (And that kinda kills my soul.) But there's a better way...

Find Records Dialog Window's Got Hidden Tricks

To quickly get a category path available for copy / paste, all you have to do is bring up the find records dialog window. (Find Menu > Find Records... or keyboard shortcut cmd+f (Mac) ctrl+f (Win)). Set the field criteria to "Categories" set the operator to "is". And now for the magic: Drag and Drop the category from the Category Pane to find criteria. Ta-dah! The full category path of the dropped category is written out in the criteria box.

Copy and paste to your heart's content.

Video How-to

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