3 thoughts on “ISBN-10 and ISBN-13 Field Validation

  1. Andrew, great ref­er­ence to a lit­tle dis­cussed topic. I always thought ISBN were crit­i­cal because they try inter­nal assets to exter­nal activ­i­ties such as sup­ply chains. When we switched to ISBN-13, we used a BISG pub­li­ca­tion as a free intro­duc­tory ref­er­ence. Wiley Pub­lish­ing pulled this together for the indus­try. http://www.bisg.org/publications/product.php?p=12

    Field val­i­da­tion should be a basic fea­ture of every DAM. Our Arte­sia sys­tem could val­i­date fields using table lookups but not eas­ily val­i­date a field using a cal­cu­la­tion in the UI. If it did, I would have also tried to cre­ate the ISBN-13 when a user entered ISBN-10.

    I also rec­om­mend using the DAM to tag mar­ket­ing assets with an AD-ID. This is a not easy because the adver­tiser adop­tion rates is still low (37%) and AD-ID assign­ment can come from the adver­tiser or the agency. Many agen­cies still make up their own num­bers and call them ISCI codes. This prac­tice is less than bul­let proof and caused our repos­i­tory to have some sig­nif­i­cant meta­data issues.

    • John,
      Great insight — your com­ments are always wel­comed.
      My DAM, while (now) offer­ing val­i­da­tion, has no built-in val­ida­tor tem­plates. It’s up to me as the admin­is­tra­tor to write the regex from scratch. For some peo­ple that’s triv­ial. For some rea­son, I haven’t been able to wrap my brain fully around writ­ing reg­u­lar expres­sions so it’s a bit of a chal­lenge. I have a “to-do” list item for learn­ing regex inside and out… one day.

  2. I use a great tool for meta­data clean up, Notepad++ and it uses reg­u­lar expres­sions. I have strug­gle try­ing to do any­thing beyond search & replace on tabs and returns. Do you know a good site for regex?

    I won­der if some javascript or VB code could for ISBN val­i­da­tion could be used or adapted.

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