Information Lifecycle Management and DAM: I clearly need to learn more.

From good old WikiPedia: Infor­ma­tion Life­cy­cle Management

I’m rather ashamed to admit I don’t know nearly enough about ILM. More­over how to inte­grate an ILM solu­tion into an exist­ing DAM like Cumu­lus. The frus­trat­ing thing is I just don’t seem to know of many (or any) ILM inte­gra­tions for my DAM. The one thing that comes close is the Pres­STORE Inte­gra­tion devel­oped by Canto Part­ner, Moksa.

The fea­ture set is rather com­pelling, but is this inte­gra­tion “true” ILM for Cumu­lus? (see pre­vi­ous com­mend about need­ing to learn more!!!) I know enough so far to know that Backup is not Archiv­ing. (hope­fully future posts will dive into that topic. )

I’m going to be sit­ting in on a WebEx mid-November with my SysAd­min for FileTek’s Stor­House. Just a quick look at their web­site, I’m a com­forted a lit­tle that they talk specif­i­cally about Dig­i­tal Preser­va­tion and Archiv­ing — not just backup. Fur­ther, one of their tech­nol­ogy part­ners is Open­Text, a rather large player in ECM. That says to me an inte­gra­tion is not totally outta the ques­tion… but rather how much $$$?

One thought on “Information Lifecycle Management and DAM: I clearly need to learn more.

  1. I don’t not know much about Cumu­lus but am fairly knowl­edge­able about Open­Text Media Man­ager. I few of us have dis­cussed life cycle man­age­ment on the Open­Text plat­form although we have focused more on dig­i­tal preser­va­tion. I believe this is a sub­set of a larger move­ment towards enter­prise prod­uct man­age­ment and helps get us closer to the con­cept of dig­i­tal ecosys­tems. It also requires a blend­ing of skill sets from fields like con­sumer prod­ucts man­age­ment and dig­i­tal cura­tors (e.g., uni­ver­si­ties, and museums).

    I believe ILM and dig­i­tal preser­va­tion are the new fron­tier for enter­prise DAM.

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